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Cedar City, UT


Pat Erickson grew up in Northern California. Since childhood her interests were equally divided between wildlife biology and art.

She entered college as a zoology major, but after a couple years the pull of her creative side led her to a Bachelors in Fine Art. She left California for Colorado in 1989 and started concentrating on both wildlife and western subjects for her pieces. She has since re-located to the Desert Southwest. She is well known for her highly detailed portrayal of both horses and other wildlife in watercolor and prismacolor pencil.

Artist's Statement: "As someone who has a great love of animals, painting or drawing them was a natural choice for me. I strive to portray in my work, something of the animal's spirit, and have their individual personalities shine forth. "

About my "Tortured Artist Cafe" genre:

Having grown up in Northern California I was exposed to the wonderful counter-culture of the San Francisco Bay Area. I was to carry that sense of observation and questioning of the world about me, for the rest of my life.

I don't feel art is only about pretty pictures.

Sometimes art is about what needs to be seen, not just what people want to least that is how I feel.

While I do enjoy painting beauty, I also need to express those concepts from deep within my mind that are engendered from what I perceive from the world around me. Generally, what I am most affected by is the darker aspects of the human condition. This is perhaps why my work has so little color and is so moody and introspective in nature.

I strive to portray our eternal struggle in an eloquent visual manner.


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